You can use the Ctrl and PrtSc (Fn and PrtSc on laptops) method to take a screenshot of your PC or laptop's screen. On the screenshot, it'll have the windows of any programs you're using, the Start button and the Taskbar with the clock, icons and tabs inside it. The only thing which won't appear in the screenshot is the mouse cursor. Screenshots are useful, because you can use them to take screenshots of games you're playing on your computer, you can use them to indicate problems with the computer, and you can send information through them to your friends.

  • Ctrl or Fn must be pressed at the same time as the PrtSc key in order to take screenshots.
  • Once you have a screenshot, you can use basic image editing programs like Microsoft Paint to paste the image, and to save it.
  • You'll then need to upload it to an image host, to allow your friends or other people to see it, unless you're using an instant messenger, where you can just send the file from computer to computer.