Welcome to the Requested Songs page. You can edit this page to add your song to the list of requested songs, if your song isn't already in the MP3 Center database. To add your song, do the following:

  • Copy and paste this code into the list below and change the required information.
    • Replace "SONG ARTIST" with the name of the the artist or band who sing the song.
    • Replace "SONG NAME" with the name of the song.
    • Replace "YOUR NAME" with the name you would like to be contacted with. Registered members of Wikia will get a notification on their talk page under a new section titled "Song Request". Guests of the wiki will just have to check back at the MP3 Center the next day, and won't get any form of notification.
  • The first song on the list is an example, just incase you don't understand.

The List

  • Avril Lavigne - "When You're Gone" - Patches9669